We frequently found a stack of litter or trash wherever we go, for example, like beside the road or in a specific spot with full of trash bin on it. One way to minimize them is through the process of recycling. Recycle is the process of reusing a thing that has been thrown away and is known as garbage, such as bottles, plastics, etc. By using this method, hopefully we can make the environment cleaner than how it was previously.

Trash has been become more and more concerning throughout the day on our campus, especially if you look at the pond behind the lobby of  Faculty of  Adab and Humanities & Faculty of Science building. There were lots of litter scattered on the surface of the pond, many of them were like plastics, bottles, cans. It is the dirtiest spot I have seen inside of the campus.

It needs some cleaning, so that we can recycle the trash into some usable material, we can reuse it, and we can make some benefit from it. Perhaps making a flower pot out of a bottle, then put a nice little plant inside of it so we can put them at the side of the paving. It may seems unnecessary but the pavement could use some touch just to make it a bit lovely with some flower at the side of it.

Or we can take some benefit from recycling the trash by selling them but also make sure that the product is actually useful to the buyer because if it is not then it will only be wasted.

Activity in our house is involving a trash as well, for example, after we bought a grocery from convenient store it is also means that it will becomes a piece of garbage soon. Instead of throwing it all away and make the pile of trash even more stacked, we can recycle the already used bottles or cans into a useful household material.    Not only we can make some trash or litter to be more functional but also make our house less dirty with garbage.

According to Ministry of Environment and Forestry, in years of 2019, Indonesia able to recycle 14.58% of its waste and 34.60% are being incarnated. As a result bringing the waste management to 49.18%. Surabaya received the title as being one of the most cleanest city in Indonesia at Adipura Kencana Award in 2019.

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